vienna | hanging gardens of alt-erlaa


wohn & kaufpark alt-erlaa, harry gluck & partner, kurt hlaweniczka, requat & reinthaller, 1973-1985, vienna [view from u6 metrostation alterlaa.
The Alt-Erlaa housing estate is one of the largest residential complexes in Austria and a sort of ‘city within a city’ of Vienna with its own complete infrastructure. The infrastructural organism is indeed remarkable: the 3,172 apartments for c.a 10 000 tennants, 3,400 underground parking spaces, 7 rooftop outdoor swimming pools (in height of 70m!), 2 health centers, 3 schools, 2 kindergartens and a day nursery, leisure clubs and tennis halls, a church, an administrative building and a shopping center. The respective 170 meter green areas between the blocks A, B and C are the richly planted with greenery. The arrangement of the apartments follows the concept of ‘single-family home’ in the form of terraced apartments. Up to the 12th floor planters also serve as a privacy screens (hanging gardens!). Every home has at least one balcony as private open space.

The estate has even its own TV channel Wohnpark-TV and two monthly newpapers Alterlaa News and Wohnpark Alterlaa Zeitung.

ORF documentary on Alt-Erlaa, 1975.


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