berlin st. agnes kirche | praise of concrete


werner duttmann, st. agnes church, 1964-1967, berlin-kreuzberg.

The former church St. Agnes Church at Alexandrinenstraße 118 is one of Berlin’s iconic architectural landmarks and one of the most important examples of Brutalist architecture in Germany. The church and adjacent community centre were built between 1964-1967 by German architect Werner Düttmann, the director of urban development for West Berlin.  The architect also designed the Akademie der Künste in Hansaviertel and the Brücke-Museum in Berlin.

St. Agnes complex had fallen into disrepair by the time it was acquired in 2011 by art dealer & gallerist Johann König who was determined to reinvent space as an art gallery. In 2015 building was redesigned by Brandlhuber+ Emde, Burlon / Riegler Riewe. The restored venue also houses a variety of tenants with a magazine, an architecture bureau, private apartments, restaurant and temporary artists’ residences, set in the former bell tower among them. The restoration of St. Agnes has been announced winner of the 2016 Berlin Architecture Prize.


Werner Düttmann, St. Agnes Church, 1964-1967, Berlin-Kreuzberg. Now König Galerie.

Claudia Comte’s exhibiton,  Catch the Tail by  the Tiger, KÖNIG GALERIE (29.4.–29.5.2016).

Annette Kelm’s exhibition, Pizza, KÖNIG GALERIE, 30.4.–29.5.2016.






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